miércoles, noviembre 15, 2006


I've always thought that if everybody were more like me, everything would be better, happier. I'm kind of taking that back, i mean, there wouldn't be this much scientific progress... or something like that. Nah, hahaha, I'm just saying that just because i don't want to write what I'm thinking... because this person could read it.
Well, i guess there is no point in expanding that idea since I'm not gonna write what i want to say, so I'm just changing the subject.
If you have read my blog from the beginning (not probable), there is a nice list of the things i expect to find on my "perfect" woman... I don't remember the list, but i must say that recently I've met this girl that covers almost every single point!, and that's hard... it's really hard.. I've had that list for about 3 years and she's the first person to cover almost everything... and surprisingly enough... I'm not doing anything about it (ha, now I'm just being sarcastic). That's weird, for all these years i thought that when i finally met somebody like her, i would be intrigued (which i am) and go for her(which I'm currently not doing)....That's really weird.
However i must say that there is again a balance in my life, I've been thinking that maybe in this moment a girlfriend is not that important or maybe it's not what I'm looking for, but i need to have a person who i like and enjoy talking to. The last time I talked 2 her was a couple of days ago... gosh, she looked beautiful =]
Another thing I've noticed is that i need somebody to compete with in every aspect of my life... it is sad, and i had realized that a long time before, but i just didn't want to accept that fact. I just can't accept the fact that there is people that do things better than i do... well that's a controversial sentence... i mean, i accept the fact... but i just don't like that and try to be better, however if there is nobody to compete with, and i'm already at the top i just lower my standards... so i've recently decided to compete with myself, i don't think it'll work but i'll give it a try.
(i'm really tired, and didn't read what i wrote, so if there are incomprehensible sentences... it's not really my fault heehee)

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