jueves, noviembre 23, 2006

Free at last.

Yay!!, I'm glad everything turned this way, I mean.. I've just got my offer letter from Australia ^^, (there was this little problem with the courses i've selected, but that's been corrected). In the other hand, I had this crush with this girl and didn't know what to do... well I'm over it... hurray for me! (as cartman would say). It turned out that she was in love with this other guy, which thank god i don't know... well that's about it. ^^!!!!!!

miércoles, noviembre 15, 2006

cultural thingie festival

I'm in pain trying to translate "festival de talleres" for the title of this post! I knew that 643 in the stupid pb TOEFL did not represent my English knowledge , hahaha. anywayz, this week is the one when all the students enrolled on extra courses, like music, dance, singing, piano... etc.. let's call them cultural courses, have to show their recently acquired abilities. I don't have photos, so I'm gona stop writing till i get some photos =S.

I've always thought that if everybody were more like me, everything would be better, happier. I'm kind of taking that back, i mean, there wouldn't be this much scientific progress... or something like that. Nah, hahaha, I'm just saying that just because i don't want to write what I'm thinking... because this person could read it.
Well, i guess there is no point in expanding that idea since I'm not gonna write what i want to say, so I'm just changing the subject.
If you have read my blog from the beginning (not probable), there is a nice list of the things i expect to find on my "perfect" woman... I don't remember the list, but i must say that recently I've met this girl that covers almost every single point!, and that's hard... it's really hard.. I've had that list for about 3 years and she's the first person to cover almost everything... and surprisingly enough... I'm not doing anything about it (ha, now I'm just being sarcastic). That's weird, for all these years i thought that when i finally met somebody like her, i would be intrigued (which i am) and go for her(which I'm currently not doing)....That's really weird.
However i must say that there is again a balance in my life, I've been thinking that maybe in this moment a girlfriend is not that important or maybe it's not what I'm looking for, but i need to have a person who i like and enjoy talking to. The last time I talked 2 her was a couple of days ago... gosh, she looked beautiful =]
Another thing I've noticed is that i need somebody to compete with in every aspect of my life... it is sad, and i had realized that a long time before, but i just didn't want to accept that fact. I just can't accept the fact that there is people that do things better than i do... well that's a controversial sentence... i mean, i accept the fact... but i just don't like that and try to be better, however if there is nobody to compete with, and i'm already at the top i just lower my standards... so i've recently decided to compete with myself, i don't think it'll work but i'll give it a try.
(i'm really tired, and didn't read what i wrote, so if there are incomprehensible sentences... it's not really my fault heehee)

lunes, noviembre 06, 2006

Social Service

Lately I've been working very hard in my social service... by lately I mean... today... I've discovered the long time ago lost control room of the theatre... Wow, it was really a mess... I mean -> the nice JBL speakers they've got all around did not worked!
And as I am a total audio freak... I'm cleaning and redesigning everything.... that's right... for the first time in two months... perhaps a little more... I'm working!! That's a great advance I must say, even my psychologist would agree... but i fired him...so he would not.
Monty wants to go to Australia

Yup, that's right... as many people know I'm just waiting for this Australian university to confirm whether I'm going or not to the kangaroo...land. Well, if i must convince the people that are reading my application I can say that I am very smart, I work hard and I just want to go!! Damn it!. I deserve it, don't I? I am a very proactive geek...or nerd with a 90% scholarship, and... now I'm just babbling around.
Anyway, if I get a green light... well, I haven't checked where I'm going to live, I know nothing about getting a visa, I also do not know anything about medical insurance... ehm international medical insurance. In fact i didn't know that Sydney was on the right side of Australia until... 3 or 4 weeks ago.
Gee, I might just re-think about going to Australia....

viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

Holy cow!

Panic!!!, I need to practice my english A.S.A.P. ... so from now on I'm posting in english. I don't know if this is gona be of any help, however it's worth a try, also i've always said that i write better in english teehee..
Ok. Having said that, i continue with my post.

Aida has finished, and I'm not to sure about it, but i am gona say it anyway... Aida may have been the last musical ever played on the theatre... spooky, isn't it. It feels weird, when i first began working there i didn't know anything about musical theatre, i still don't know many things, but i've learned a lot; so the possibility that there may not be another musical makes me feel weird about it.

THe good the bad and the ugly about Aida.
Well there is always something to talk about a play. The most relevant things that happened were: 1. "plaga the changos".. said by radames (that'd be mhhh a monkey plague... i'm not sure about the word plague... anyway i'm to lazy to go and check in a dictionary, so i'll leave like that), 2. the almost fall of Aida at the end of the play, 3. the screen of the proyector asking you to confirm that you want it to shut off in the middle of a scene, 4. the sword that almost killed Ruru, 5. the pharaoh forgetting every single line.. of the little paragraph he just had to said... and then a slave that turned into a pharaoh by just standing up... and not knowing a single line of what the pharaoh had to say, 6. geee, i guess that was it... ohh no, now i remember, Nadia tripped and fell down (she said that was in front of a important person.. i'm not teling who, O.M.G. that was hilarious)
I must say that during Aida I learned that Macbeth... was not a musical play... geee, i just didn't know, what else can i say.
Another thing is that there seems to be this curse about saying Macbeth aloud in a theatre... the curse estipulates that somebody will get hurt... some others said that people may die... and stuff like that... and because i like to be in constant danger and things like that, i just couldn't stop saying macbeth during the whole season... yup, nothing happened...

Gosh, it is getting cold in here. Winter is just around the corner, and i must say i ain't prepared for it.

Mhh changing the subject dramaticaly, i am very happy to announce that another succesfull experiment was concluded by juaniman!... it is about making a magnet from copper wire... i don't know the exact wored in english but i think it is called an electro magnet... if not well...to bad.
I'm putting some nice pictures of the working model, you just need a AA battery, 20 cm of very thin copper wire, two little pieces of tape, two clips and a magnet.

First paste the magnet on the battery, then, using the tape position the clips on each side of the battery and finally make a coil whith the copper wire?, ha, i don't remember how to say it in english... again. But you can just watch the photos...to build the supposedly named coil.

Well and here is the video of the little thingie workin'